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Chris is a lifelong resident of the West Graham area in Bluefield, Va. She is the proud wife of Tommy, and mother of two boys; Drew and Kody. They are her world! Her primary duties, here at The Furnace Man, consist of babysitting Junior (The Boss Man) and keeping him on task, all the while performing her obligation as the serving receptionist. She says that working at The Furnace Man was an answer to a prayer. She is also very thankful that the atmosphere is quote “wonderful”!



Josh is a 2001 graduate from Graham High School. He has worked at The Furnace Man since October, 2005 installing American Standard equipment as well as high efficiency Munchkin Boilers. He is the proud father to a little girl that he likes to call “smiley” because she is so personable. He likes to fish from his canoe, attend rock concerts, and spend time with his family.


Junior is a 1979 graduate of Tazewell High School and Tazewell Vocational School, our founder has worked for 32 years in the heating, cooling, and sheet metal industry. Working as a service technician for several companies from Virginia to Ohio gave him the edge and education that he needed to compete in the heating and air conditioning industry. Believing he should serve his customers without hindrance from management brought about “The Furnace Man”. Junior is the father of two sons and three daughters. His darling wife Vicki keeps him in balance. He likes hunting, trout fishing, and archery.



Paul is a 2001 graduate of Graham High School and a 2003 graduate of Southwest Virginia Community College where he obtained an Associate in Engineering. He started working at The Furnace Man in May 2003 and is currently the vice president and comfort consultant. He enjoys fly fishing, camping, and winning.

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